How to play Fantasy Cricket?

How to get started with your first fantasy match?

Follow these 5 Steps:

Step 1 : Select a Match

Choose a match you like from the list of matches shown on the fantasy Homepage.

Step 2 : Create your team

Choose your best 11 players from all the players playing in the match. Do keep in mind that you have 100 credits to make your team. Do your research well.

Step 3 : Join a Contest

Choose a contest to play in and win money or play practice contests for free. Generally the more teams you participate with, the more are your winning chances.

Step 4 : Follow the match

Track your team’s fantasy points across different contests that you joined on the leaderboard. You can track them in the ‘My Games’ section.

Step 5 : Withdraw Your Winnings

Gamezy offers the industry's best win ratio. Chances are high that you would win. After the match, Your winnings are credited to your Winnings wallet. You can withdraw the winning amount once you have won at least Rs 25.

How to Choose a Match?

When you open the Gamezy app, select the fantasy sports section. In the fantasy sports section, you need to select the match of your choice.

There could be 2 types of matches - Live matches and Upcoming matches. Live matches are the ongoing matches.

A Live match card is shown when either you have already participated in that match or there are other variants - second innings and/or live fantasy available for participation. A Live match card looks as shown below:

There could be 2 types of matches - Live matches and Upcoming matches. Live matches are the ongoing matches.

How to create Full Match team
Step 1: Creating your team

Once you have chosen the match you'd like to play, the contest page will open. Here you can see the "create team" button.

Team Creation Page

You have 100 credits to make your team. Each player has a credit value. You can spend your credits on the players of your choice and add them to your team. The credit value of all the selected players in your team cannot exceed 100.

Also Lookout for ‘In Playing XI’ which means the player is performing in the playing 11 squad.

Team Preview

Once you've selected all your players you can click on ‘Preview’ button to take a quick look at your entire team.

Step 2 : Choosing your Captain and Vice Captain

After you are done creating your entire team, you now need to choose your team's Captain and Vice-captain.

Captain- Gets 2x Points scored by him in the game.
Vice Captain - Gets 1.5x Points scored by him in the game.

Then click on “Create Team” to save your team. Now you can join contests using the same team. You can also view the team from My Teams inside the match page.

How to create Second Inning team?
Step 1: Creating your team

You can create your Second Innings team by choosing the Second Innings tab inside the match page. You can create your team by clicking the "create team" button.

Team Creation Page

You have 100 credits to make your team. Each player has a credit value, you can spend your credits on the players of your choice and add them to your team. There are category limitations similar to full match variant.

Step 2 : Choosing your Captain and Vice Captain

After you are done creating your entire team, you now need to choose your team's Captain and Vice-captain.

Captain- Gets 2x Points scored by him in the game.
Vice Captain - Gets 1.5x Points scored by him in the game.

Then click on “Create Team” to save your team. Now you can join contests using the same team. You can also view the team from My Teams inside the match page.

How to Create Your Live Fantasy team?
Step 1: Creating your team

You can create your Live Fantasy team by choosing the Live Fantasy tab inside the match page. You can create your team by clicking the "Create Team" button.

Team Creation Page

You have 45 credits to make your team. Each player has a credit value, you can spend your credits on the players of your choice and add them to your team. There are no category limitations in this variant. You can select 1 or more players from any category.

Step 2 : Assign Score Multiples

Once you've selected all your players you can click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the “Assign Score Multiples” screen. In this screen you will assign any multiple from 1x - 3x to each of your selected 5 players. Each player can be assigned only one of the multiples.

Once done, click on the “Create Team” button to successfully create your Live fantasy team.Now your team will be saved in My team's section which you can use to join any contest and play in.

How to manage your team?

Once you have created your team it gets saved in the "My Teams" section under the match page.

You can make as many changes you want to your team on Gamezy, until that match starts, from changing players to changing Captain and Vice captain. You can Duplicate as many teams you want using the Duplicate Option.

You can update an existing team by clicking on the “Edit” option.

You can also share your team by using the share option on the team. Teams can be shared on whatsapp, telegram, facebook etc. Existing users can use the shared link to join the contest with one-click. New users can use the shared link to register on gamezy and join the contest with one-click and both of you can earn rewards.

How to Join a Contest?

Once you have made a team, you will be back on the contest page.

You can join any Contest by clicking on any price button which looks like this.

What next?
  • If you have already created a team the app will take you to the "My teams" section, here you can select a team to join the contest.

  • If you have not created a team the app will guide you to the "Team creation" page where you can pick your players and make a team to be able to join a contest.

  • Once you have created or selected your team from the "My teams" section, a contest confirmation pop up will appear.

How to Play Live Fantasy?

Playing live fantasy in Gamezy is pretty simple. Please follow these steps:

What next?
  1. Go to the match that you would like to play and click on Live Fantasy

  2. Set your team with the available credits

  3. Assign score multiples for each player

  4. Select the contest that you wish to enter. (Note: Time will be limited for your entry)

  5. Join contest(s)!


  • What is Fantasy Cricket?
  • Imagine India and Pakistan playing today at Chinnaswamy stadium. Match is due in a few hours. You can build a team and join a contest by picking the best 11 players from the playing 22. If you are a good reader of the game and understand the game well, you will consider the player's match potential, pitch report, weather conditions etc before selecting the team. Based on the on-ground performance of the players, your rank and winnings are calculated by the end of the match.

  • What happens if there is a tie between 2 or more player ranks?
  • In this case, the prize money will be divided equally between the players. If there are 2 winners tied for the 2nd position, then the sum of 2nd and 3rd position prize money will be added and divided by 2 and distributed equally between 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded 4th rank. We round off the prize money and entries in case of percentage-based leagues to make the experience flawless for our users.

  • Can I earn points for a match that gets pushed to a super over?
  • There are no points allocated for super over in case a T20 or ODI match ends in a tie. In case of a tie, the points & ranking will be allocated only till the last ball bowled of the actual match, not the Super Over. Super Over is not counted as part of the match in terms of fantasy cricket & fantasy cricket points.

  • How much bonus can I win from contests?
  • For contests that offer bonus prizes; the reward is capped at 9999 per player. For contests that offer both cash and bonus as, if the sum of cash and bonus for a player exceeds 9999, then the bonus part will be adjusted accordingly.

  • How are matches affected by rain or DL method judged on Gamezy?
  • Gamezy will follow the direction of the match officials i.e If a result is declared in any form by the match officials, Gamezy will also adhere to it and make the announcement on the app.

  • How will Live Fantasy matches be treated in case of abandonment?
  • If a contest has completed the minimum threshold of balls bowled (in the format) then the result will be declared regardless of whether the match is abandoned or not.

LIVE Fantasy Cricket

  • What are the rules of live fantasy?
  • The rules are similar to the regular fantasy games. There are no constraints on the variants, but there is a credit limit of 45.

  • What is the point system for live fantasy?
  • The Live fantasy point system allows a player to select 5 players with 45 credits to use. The point system is similar to the ones that is used in the regular fantasy, but with the exception of Player multiples. Once you assign multiples including x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5 and x3, you will be distributed points accordingly.

  • When can I start joining the contests?
  • You can join anytime. You can choose your spell one over before it starts.

  • How will the prize amount distribution take place?
  • It will be auto-distributed after each 5-over period.

  • How many players can I have to create a team?
  • You may have 5 players. You will have 45 credits to create a team.

  • How does the points multiplier work?
  • You can choose players who you think will perform best and assign them multipliers of 3X, 2.5X, 2X, 1.5X and 1X respectively.

  • Are the spells different for T20s and One days?
  • Yes, In T20s, the spell comprises 5 overs. Ex: Overs 6-10, 11-15 and 16-20. In One days, The spell comprises 10 overs. Ex: Overs 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50.

  • What happens if a spell is not completed?
  • If 40% of balls are not balled during the five over the spell, contests are abandoned.

  • Will the same point system be applicable on Live Fantasy?
  • Regular ODI and T20 scorecards are applicable except the strike rate and economy rate.

Fantasy Winnings

  • How are winnings distributed on Gamezy?
  • The rules are similar to the regular fantasy games. There are no constraints on the variants, but there is a credit limit of 45.

  • What is the point system for live fantasy?
  • The winning amounts are fixed at the start of a match for a contest. But if the contest doesn’t get filled, then the amount is recalculated based on the fill rate. The percentage of winnings remains the same rank wise, but the amount becomes less, because there were less participants.

  • How are winnings recalculated?
  • If a contest is not declared as guaranteed at the start of the match, then the contest winnings are recalculated based on the fill rate. The percentage of winnings remains the same rank wise, but the amount will be less based on recalculation because there are less participants.

  • How and when does a contest get cancelled?
  • There is a certain number of participants required to fill a contest for it to run. If the number of participants falls below the required number, then the contest will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded.

  • How much TDS is cut?
  • At Gamezy, we are legally obliged to deduct Tax at source (TDS) for winnings of Rs.10,000 or more in a single game, contest or tournament. You will be required to provide your Permanent Account Number (PAN), without which you will not be able to withdraw. The Deduction rate of 30% will be automatically charged from your winnings and the remaining will be credited into your Gamezy user account.

Virtual Fantasy Cricket

  • What is a virtual cricket match?
  • Virtual cricket matches are electronically generated versions of real cricket games. It resembles a game of Indian T20 League or World cup or any series, however rather than the result being determined by the player, it's determined by an unbiased computer algorithm. The way they get the odds using Artificial Intelligence technology based on an algorithm.

  • Are the virtual cricket teams roughly the same ability as their real-life counterparts?
  • The virtual teams' and players' performance is powered by a very reliable Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which takes into account the players performance, history, form, conditions etc to simulate matches closest to an actual match! The only difference is that it is electronically generated.

  • What are the factors that AI software takes into account?
  • The software selects two teams for a game it will weight each team based on a number of factors.

    a. Past player performance

    b. Recent team performance (Form)

    c. Individual head-to-head

    d. Weightage of overall teams

    e. Weather and pitch conditions

  • Does Virtual cricket have any real-life players?
  • Yes, the virtual matches simulations are conducted with real player data in real stadiums. Our AI system conducts a ball-by-ball simulation considering variables such as past player performance, team performance, player A v player b stats, venue stats etc.

  • Are there any rule changes for these matches?
  • The formats and points will remain the same. There won't be any changes.

  • How will the point system be calculated?
  • The points system remains the same. Winners will be chosen as per the highest points among all users.


  • What is Fantasy Kabaddi?
  • Kabaddi has become a phenomenal hit with the Indian fans. Similar to cricket and football, we are introducing Fantasy Kabaddi, a chance for you to pick your own players, enter contests and maximize your winnings! With just a little practice by the correct assessment of the statistics available, become a pro in Fantasy Kabaddi, enter a range of contests and Win Real Cash! With Fantasy Kabaddi, you will be able to base the performance of the players in the league to match your teams.

  • How to play fantasy Kabaddi?
  • Playing Fantasy Kabaddi is extremely simple. We make it easy for you to select your team, preview them and enter them into contests. Similar to Fantasy cricket, you will also be able to play the 2nd half in Fantasy kabaddi.

    Follow these simple steps to start playing:

    1. Log onto Gamezy app and choose your desired game

    2. Create your team for the available credits

    3. Create your team for the available credits

    4. Create your team for the available credits

    Wait and watch for your selection to convert points into winnings!

  • How to create a team?
  • Fantasy Kabaddi requires a good in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sport combined with your skills in creating a match-winning team. Each Kabaddi team created on Gamezy consists of 7 players (as in the real match) with no more than 5 players from the same team.

    To create your team, follow these steps:

    1. Select the match you wish to play

    2. Choose your players (100 credits maximum)

    3. Note the different combinations that are required. You can also check the average points that a player accumulates.

    4. Select your captain/ vice-captain

    Join the contest and start winning!

  • Which players to select?
  • Fantasy Kabaddi players will need to create a team of 7 players in order to play. In Kabaddi, players are divided into three groups- Raiders, Defenders and All-Rounders. Under Gamezy's Fantasy Kabaddi- the team should consist of the following:

    • Raiders: Min 1, Max 3
    • Defenders: Min 2, Max 4
    • All-Rounders: Min 1, Max 2

    While selecting players, please keep in mind that there should only be a maximum of 5 players from the same team.

  • How to Score Points?
  • Points can be earned by appearing in the starting 7, successful and unsuccessful raids, tackles won and more. Please refer to the table above to understand more on how you can score points on Fantasy Kabaddi.

  • Why play Fantasy Kabaddi on Gamezy?
  • Playing Fantasy Kabaddi on Gamezy gives you the real experience of watching a Kabaddi match. With our live commentary and statistics available, you will be equipped with all information to put your skills to the test. Use your skills and knowledge of the sport and make Real Money. Choose your teams based on who you think will be the right combination and enter contests to win.

    Uniquely, playing Fantasy kabaddi on gamezy also gives you the option to play in the 2nd half of the match.

  • Which contests to join?
  • Players can join daily contests, mega contests, several cash leagues and even micro leagues for Fantasy Kabaddi. If you are still learning, you may also join free practice leagues to learn your desired skill set.

  • What is the classic 7-a side Kabaddi on Gamezy?
  • The classic 7-a side Kabaddi allows you to pick 7 players under three categories: raiders, defenders and all-rounders. You will then have to select a captain/vice-captain. The credit limit is 100.


    • Raiders: Min 1, Max 3
    • Defenders: Min 2, Max 4
    • All-Rounders: Min 1, Max 2
  • What is 5-a-side Kabaddi on Gamezy?
  • The 5- a side Kabaddi allows you to pick a maximum of 5 players, but with no constraints. Assign your chosen players with a points multiplier i.e 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x. E.g. If you have chosen Pawan Sehrawat with a 2.5x multiplier- if he scored 30 points, you will receive 30*2.5 = 75 points. The credit limit is 70.

  • What is the duration of a Kabaddi game?
  • The total duration of a Kabaddi game is 40 minutes that is split into two equal 20-minute halves.


  • What is the referral program?
  • On Gamezy, you can refer your friends & family with your personal referral code Every time your friend plays a cash contest, 15% of that entry fee excluding bonus, promo & Instant Cash balance) will be credited into both you and your friend's bonus account. A max. of Rs 10,000 bonus cash will be credited to both bonus accounts.

  • Who's a power user?
  • You can become a Power User by playing more! Join high-value contests and become a Power User to win more.

  • What benefits do Power users get?
  • Every time your friend plays a cash contest of any value, 7% of that value (excluding bonus, promo, & Instant cash balance) will be credited to your Instant Cash account. Valid until you get a total of Rs 100.

  • Is there a limit to making referrals?
  • There is no limit on making referrals. You can make as many referrals as you want & enjoy the benefits.

  • Where can I see the bonus referral amount that I earn from my referrals?
  • You have to visit your account on Gamezy app. Then go to 'My Wallet', inside that you will see Winnings, Deposit and Bonuses. All your money earned from referrals will reflect under Bonuses. In the recent transactions, you can check the money credited from the bonus to deposit wallet under the name "Hurray! Your friend Played "

  • How long will it take to receive the bonus after making a referral?
  • The bonus amount for both the referrer and the referee will be credited to them within a maximum of 24 hours after the referred person has played their first cash contest. The bonus amount for the referee will reflect in their bonus wallet on Gamezy. The bonus amount for the referrer will reflect in their bonus wallet & the 5% Instant cash acquired from the referee playing their cash contest will reflect in the Instant Cash wallet on Gamezy for the referrer.

  • When will Referral Bonus expire?
  • The bonus received from referrals made will expire in 15 days from the day of receiving the same.

  • When does Bonus expire?
  • The bonus received from referrals made will expire in 15 days from the day of receiving the same.

    Until when I will receive referral benefits?

    You will receive and claim referral benefits within a 30-day period. Any action post 30 days will not be valid.

  • When does Instant cash expire?
  • The bonus received from referrals made will expire in 15 days from the day of receiving the same.

  • What will happen when I use my bonus in a contest and my friend is also playing?
  • When you play any contest that allows the usage of bonus, you will see a decrease in your bonus wallet. That is the amount that you are giving to enter a particular contest.

    When the person you referred is playing a contest at the same time, you will receive 5% of the entry fee he/she has spent as Instant Cash in your wallet.

    Example of the referral process:

    Step 1: User A refers user B to Gamezy. User B receives a signup bonus of Rs.50.

    Step 2: User B engages in gameplay: Example mega contest, EF Rs 40. User A receives his referral bonus of Rs 100. But as user B did an entry of Rs 40, User A will receive Rs. 2 in the Instant Cash wallet. User A will continue to get Instant cash in his wallet up to Rs 60 on every paid game User B plays.


  • How long will it take for me to receive my winnings?
  • You will have winnings in your wallet by the time you finish the quiz.

  • How many quiz contests can I join in a day?
  • There is no limit to how many contests you can join in a day! You can join as many as you want.

  • What happens if I cannot find an opponent?
  • We'll try for 30 seconds to find you an opponent else it'll ask you to retry. Try a different stake/category to find players. We will refund all money if we are unable to find an opponent.

  • Can I leave the contest in the middle and join again?
  • If a player leaves the game midway, the rest of the players will continue playing and your game will be forfeited.


  • How to Play Rummy with Friends?
  • You can play Rummy with one or more friends. If there are more than 2-3 people playing, then there will be two decks of 52 cards each on the table. While playing online Rummy with friends you can try any of the variants; Points, Pool or Deals Rummy. Points Rummy would be the fastest one to play, where one of you who makes the first valid declaration wins the entire pot.

  • What is the Rummy Sequence?
  • In Rummy, a sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. There are two types of sequences that are formed; a pure sequence and an impure sequence. To win the game of Rummy you need at least one pure sequence in your Rummy hand.

  • Is the Gamezy Fantasy Wallet & Rummy Wallet the same?
  • The money shown in the Rummy Wallet is the same amount as your Gamezy Wallet. So you can use your Gamezy earnings in Rummy.

  • Can Gamezy Bonus be used in Rummy?
  • Yes, Gamezy Bonus & Wallet Balances are transferable between Rummy & Fantasy Cricket. The money or bonus you earn in Fantasy can be used in Rummy. The percentages of Bonus use might differ from game to game, depending on entry fees.

  • What is TDS & how does it work in online Rummy?
  • TDS is the "Tax Deducted at Source," which we are legally obliged to deduct on all winnings of more than Rs.10,000/- in a single tournament, or a single Pool Rummy game or Points Rummy game.


  • Is Poker Legal in India?
  • Yes, Poker (live or online) is legal in India. Well, most of India anyway.

    As per the Supreme Court of India, "Such competitions, where Success depends on quite a substantial degree of Skill, are not necessarily “gambling”. Though there is an element of pure chance, if a particular game is predominantly a game of skill, it would still be a game of “mere skill.” However, even after this clarification, it is still not clear what games are included within the gambit of “mere skill and are not.” So, any Game of Skill is not illegal in India.

    But, the Seventh Schedule Entry 34 List II of the Indian Constitution gives the ability to the State government to choose the laws with respect to betting. Since, gambling is a state subject, different states of India have different views on the idea of betting/gambling. Many states, like Gujrat, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana, consider Poker to be a Game of Chance and have defined it as gambling. Many of these states have also made any form of online betting illegal. Hence it is illegal to play Poker in these states.

    This means that, if you're a resident of Gujrat or Assam or Odisha etc., you cannot partake in Online Poker games which involve real money. Further, if you live outside these above-mentioned states but have your Aadhar Card/Driving Licence/Passport registered from these states, you cannot play Online Poker games involving real money.

  • Do I need to download any specific software or application to play Poker?
  • You need to download the Gamezy paid android app and register as a user to play poker on Gamezy.

  • How should I choose a Poker Table?
  • Poker tables at Gamezy in the ‘Lobby’ are arranged according to the ‘buy-in’ amount & the ‘blind-structure’, so you can choose accordingly.

  • At what age can I play Poker on Gamezy?
  • Gamezy poker products & services are intended for players who are 18+ years old or above, and of the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction. Doesn’t matter if you are studying in school or college, you must be 18+ years old or above to play poker at Gamezy.

    Indian residents under the age of 18 are not authorised to avail our services and products. Gamezy reserves the right to request proof of age at any stage to verify that minors are not using the service. We may ban/exclude a person from playing if proof of age is not provided or if the company suspects that a person using the service is under-age. Our services and products are also not intended for users connecting to our site from jurisdiction that say it is illegal to do so.

    Any underage player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding their true age or identity may have all their winnings forfeited and could face criminal prosecution.

  • What is Collusion?
  • Collusion in poker is the act of two or more people sitting at a poker table working together to win more money from other players. It is a negative practice and is strictly prohibited at Gamezy.

  • What is Chip Dumping?
  • “Chip Dumping" occurs when one player intentionally loses chips to another player at the table. Chip dumping is strictly prohibited at Gamezy.

  • How do I buy-in at a cash table?
  • It’s very easy playing online poker at Gamezy. This is what you need to do:

    • Select the blinds you want to play, click the lobby with the mentioned big blind.
    • Select the amount you want to sit with.
    • Start playing.
  • What is the correct way to leave a table?
  • We request our players to follow the basic playing etiquettes of poker. When you wish to leave a table, please:

    • Select the blinds you want to play, click the lobby with the mentioned big blind.
    • Once it is acknowledged by our gaming software, you can Sit Out from the table.
    • Click the “leave table” button.

    Note: In case the above steps are not properly followed, sometimes the table may continue and the balance might get deducted as Small Blind and Big Blind.

  • What is the difference between ‘no-limit’ & ‘pot-limit’ Poker games?
  • In a No Limit poker game, each player can bet or raise any amount up to and including their full stack (the total number of chips they possess at any given time) in any betting round.

    In a Pot Limit poker game, each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and including the size of the total pot at that time.

    The minimum bet for both No Limit and Pot Limit games is equal to the big blind.

  • What happens if I get disconnected in the middle of a hand? Will I lose my chips?
  • In case you get disconnected while playing cash (non-tournament) games at Gamezy, the application will automatically try to reconnect you (if your Internet connection is still working). Once the reconnection process is complete, you can resume playing on the tables where you were playing before disconnection.

    As the application tries to reconnect you to the game, extra time will be allowed for the disconnected player to get back in the game. If you do not reconnect within the extra time, your action is taken as 'check' if it is allowed. If 'check' is not allowed, your hand is automatically folded by the system.

    If a player fails to act within the allotted time while being connected, the hand is folded by the system. The amount of extra time may vary depending on the game, but the concept is the same throughout – when faced with a decision in a larger pot, more time is given to return due to a disconnection.

  • What happens if the system crashes in between a game?
  • All transactions, including pots won and lost, are posted to your Gamezy account at the completion of each hand. In the unlikely event of a server crash which prevents completion of a hand, the hands in progress at every cash game will be restored by rolling back these hands as if they had not happened.

  • Does the Poker software allow me to muck the winning hand?
  • No. If you play your hand to the showdown and you hold the winning hand, it will always automatically be shown. This feature protects you from accidentally mucking a winner. Why would you ever want to do that?

  • What are the consequences of any unfair gameplay?
  • Players involved in unfair game play activity will have their Gamezy account blocked permanently and their winnings and/or balance will be forfeited.

  • I found someone in collusion/chip dumping at the table. What should I do?
  • We encourage players to report instances of chip dumping/collusion/soft play by taking a screenshot of some of the hands played, User ID and cash table or tournament details and email us We will make sure that strict action is taken against the offenders if found guilty.

  • What is the Poker Wallet and how is TDS calculated on my Poker winnings?
  • The money in the poker wallet is used to play poker on Gamezy. When the user does not have enough balance in his poker wallet and wants to join a table.The required amount is automatically deducted from the Gamezy overall Wallet and transferred to the poker wallet and from there to the poker table.

    When leaving a table, the money from the poker table is credited to the poker wallet. This happens after the round in which the player left the table - ends. (Please note- Only by pressing the Red “LEAVE TABLE” button will a user be removed from the table. The exit button will only bring the user back to the lobby and the user will not leave his seat on the table)

    Money from the poker wallet can be withdrawn back to the Gamezy overall wallet by clicking the “TRANSFER” button. The entire poker wallet balance must be withdrawn in one go and a player must not be playing in any table while withdrawing the balance. TDS will be deducted if Net Winnings for the poker cycle is ₹10,000 or more.

    Net Winnings of Poker cycle = Transfer amount - Sum of all money added to Poker Wallet from Gamezy Wallet since the last transfer from poker wallet.

  • Can I leave an ongoing tournament?
  • In case you leave a tournament you will be sat out on the table and will be Blinded out (ante,small blind,big blind will be paid from your chip stack ) until you resume back or your chipstack becomes 0. Your final standing will be determined on the basis of when your chip stack became 0.

  • What is a Satty or Satellite Tournament?
  • A satellite tournament in poker is a qualifying event. Winners of these satellites usually win the buy-in fee to a larger and more prestigious tournament in the form of a “Ticket” which can be used to enter the larger tournament.

  • Can a ticket won be cashed out?
  • A tournament ticket can only be used to enter the specified tournament, It cannot be cashed out.

  • What is a ‘rake’? How much is the rake in Poker Games?
  • At Gamezy, you always play against another player, never against the house. Gamezy receives compensation by charging a fee or ‘rake’, a small amount from each cash game pot. For the exact rake information please click the table info button on the poker table.present on the top right corner of the poker table.

  • I keep getting disconnected while playing. What should I do?
  • Gamezy recommends a fast & stable broadband internet connection for the best gaming experience.. A connection of min. 256kbps is suggested.

    For the best experience, the loss percentage should be 0% and latency should be lower than 400ms.

  • My Account was banned. How can I restore my account?
  • A player’s account is banned only when there is a case of fraud including, but not limited to, chip dumping, collusion, soft play etc. If a player is found to be involved in such malpractices, his/her account will be banned for life and cannot be accessed by the player. If you feel your ban is a mistake please write to us at

    The integrity of our games is paramount to our success, and we are happy to address any concerns you may have.

Rewards & Offers

  • Where do I check to know more about offers?
  • You may visit our official website and visit the offers page or open the Gamezy app and click on “All Offers”, inside the hamburger menu, to browse through the various deals we have in place.

  • What is a Bonus?
  • A bonus is an internal currency that is given to Gamezy users as a token of appreciation for joining/playing with us. Sign-up bonuses are awarded only to a new user.

  • How to use Bonus?
  • You can use the bonus when entering a contest. Once you have selected your team, you will be able to use your bonus instead of adding cash into your wallet.

  • How to Redeem a 3rd Party Coupon?
  • If you have the 3rd party coupon, we would like to inform you that please copy the coupon code and open the Gamezy app >> click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the app >> click on Redeem Bonus. There you will get an option to redeem the coupon. Please enter the coupon code and it will be redeemed.

    Note: Please remove all the hyphen/dashes in the code when you are redeeming it.

  • How does my bonus expire?
  • Here are some expiry timelines for Bonuses

    1. Sign-up bonus and promotional bonus expires 15 days from the day of receiving.
    2. The referral bonus amount given to both the referrer and the referee expires 15 days from the day of receiving.
    3. Bonuses earned as winnings expires 7 days after receiving if not used in playing contests within that time.
    4. Instant cash expires 3 days from the day of receiving.

    Note: Expiry of Bonus and Instant Cash can be changed at the discretion of Gamezy as per our T&Cs.

  • How to redeem a PhonePe coupon?
  • After a successful transaction using PhonePe on Gamezy, you will receive a scratch card. Follow the given steps to redeem your coupon

    1. In the Phone Pe app, click on View My Rewards.
    2. Find the unscratched card and swipe the redeem your rewards.
    3. Once redeemed, your rewards will be credited in your Gamezy account within 24 hours.
  • What is bonus percentage use?
  • On any contest you join, there is a bonus percentage mentioned on the bottom right corner of the contest card. For example: If it says 20%, then you can use upto 20% bonus on the entry fee, assuming that you have bonus balance in your Gamezy wallet.

Payment & Withdrawal

  • How to check my wallet balance?
  • Click on the "My wallet" option inside the hamburger menu, located in the top right corner in the account section, to check your wallet balance.

    If you click on "My wallet", you will land on the My Wallet screen. On this screen, you can see the detailed break-up of the available balance in your wallet.

  • How to Add Cash?
  • You can add cash by Clicking on ‘Add Cash’ button, located on the top right corner of the homepage, which will land you on the Add Cash Page where you can enter your amount, select your pack and check/apply coupons.

    Once you have completed the steps in the “Add Cash” page, click “Continue” to go to the “Payment Methods” screen.

    In this screen, you can select your payment method - UPI, Wallets (PhonePe, Paytm, Amazon Pay, Mobikwik etc), Credit/debit card or netbanking to complete your payment.

  • If my deposited balance is not showing in the wallet, what is the issue?
  • It may take a short time for your deposit to reach your wallet. If the problem still persists, please contact our support representatives with the screenshot of the deducted amount and the registered phone number .

  • What happens if my deposit fails?
  • We are sorry to hear this! In case of deposit failure, you will be provided with a refund within (2-10) working days. If this is still not received, please contact your bank directly for updates.

  • What are the various payment modes for depositing cash?
  • There are different payment methods that you may use for depositing into your Gamezy account:

    a. Paytm

    b. Google Pay

    c. UPI

    d. Credit/ Debit/ ATM Card

    e. Other Wallets

    f. Net Banking

    g. Cash Coupon

    Once the deposit is initiated, you will receive a verification code/ OTP to enter. Once the correct OTP is entered, the amount will be directly credited into your Gamezy account under minimum balance.

  • What to do if I haven’t received my OTP?
  • You will receive your OTP within 2 minutes after entering your mobile number. If you are still not receiving, kindly check the following:

    1. Network Connectivity strength

    2. Whether you have entered the correct mobile number

    If these are also good to go, you can also verify through your email.

  • How to Withdraw/Check withdrawal status?
  • You will be able to withdraw your winnings by clicking on the Withdraw button that directly takes you to the Withdraw Cash page.

    Here, you will have to specify your Bank Account No., the IFSC Code, Name and the Specific Amount and then click on the Withdraw Now button. You can also choose to withdraw to your Paytm wallet by providing your registered Paytm number.

    Your winnings will be transferred in 24-48 hours. Note: You will only be able to withdraw if your minimum wallet balance is Rs.25

  • What to do in case of a delay in withdrawal?
  • We are sorry to hear this! Please get in touch with our support representatives and we shall take a look.

  • How will I know my withdrawal status?
  • You will be able to check your withdrawal status by the following steps:

    Step 1: Go to “my Wallet” from the hamburger menu.

    Step 2: Click on “All Transactions” on the top right corner

    Step 3: In the “Recent transactions” page, select “Withdrawal Transactions” tab

    Step 4: For a given transaction, the status can be found as shown below:

    Note: Withdrawing usually takes 24-48 hours to reflect.

  • What is ‘Submitted to bank’ status?
  • If the withdrawal status remains ‘Submitted to the bank’ for more than 24 hours, please do not worry, money is safe with us. Due to some bank server error, the transaction got stuck in between the bank and recipient. It will take 5-7 working days to get the amount back into your Gamezy wallet.

  • Can I withdraw my bonus amount?
  • You will not be able to withdraw a bonus directly. Once you have used the bonus, the winnings may be withdrawn.

  • How long does it take to withdraw my deposit balance?
  • After you have withdrawn your winnings from your Gamezy account, the process will usually take 24-48 hours to get credited into your bank account. If your withdrawal is not deposited into your bank account within 48-72 hours, please contact our support representatives.

  • What are the rules on withdrawal from a restricted state?
  • We would like to inform you that residents of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim are not supposed to play real money games as it has been restricted from their respective State Governments. This is why based on your location your actions have also been blocked. However, If you belong from a restricted state one time withdrawal is allowed to take all your money out. You have to share your bank details along with IFSC code and registered number at


The service charge for Fantasy sports is variable and can range from 0% to 30% based on the category of the contest and how many participants joined.


variant min_buy_in _amount max_buy_in _amount point_value commission _percentage
Tournament 20 20 0 16.67
Tournament 25 25 0 10
Tournament 50 50 0 10
Tournament 100 100 0 16.67
Tournament 10 10 0 16.67
Tournament 10 10 0 10
Tournament 10 10 0 9.72
Pool 50 50 0 15
Pool 5 5 0 15
Pool 25 25 0 15
Pool 10 10 0 15
Pool 100 100 0 15
Pool 250 250 0 15
Pool 500 500 0 15
Pool 1000 1000 0 10
Pool 500 500 0 12
Pool 12000 12000 0 10
Pool 1000 1000 0 10
Pool 1 1 0 15
Pool 4000 4000 0 10
Deal 25 25 0 15
Deal 10 10 0 15
Deal 100 100 0 12
Deal 5 5 0 15
Deal 50 50 0 12
Deal 5000 5000 0 10
Deal 10000 10000 0 10
Deal 1000 1000 0 10
Deal 500 500 0 10
Deal 2000 2000 0 10
Deal 250 250 0 12
Deal 12000 12000 0 10
Deal 1 1 0 15
Points 0.8 2.4 0.01 15
Points 0.06 3.26 0.01 15
Points 0.62 3.82 0.01 15
Points 0.8 0.8 0.01 15
Points 4 12 0.05 15
Points 4 4 0.05 15
Points 8 8 0.1 15
Points 7.5 87.5 0.25 15
Points 20 20 0.25 15
Points 40 120 0.5 15
Points 40 40 0.5 15
Points 40 40 0.5 15
Points 80 80 1 15
Points 160 480 2 15
Points 160 160 2 15
Points 240 720 3 15
Points 400 1200 5 12
Points 400 400 5 12
Points 800 2400 10 12
Points 800 800 10 12
Points 1600 4800 20 12
Points 1600 1600 20 12
Points 3200 9600 40 11
Points 3200 9600 40 12
Points 6400 19200 80 11
Points 6400 6400 80 11
Points 10000 30000 125 11
Points 10000 30000 125 11


Cash Table
Blinds Rake(=2) Rake(>=3) Rake Cap(=2) Rake Cap(>=3)
Inclusive of GST Big Blinds
0.1/0.2 4.00% 5.00% 8 10
0.5/1 4.00% 5.00% 8 10
1/2 4.00% 5.00% 7.5 10
3/6 4.00% 5.00% 6.667 10
5/10 4.00% 5.00% 6 10
10/20 4.00% 5.00% 4 17
25/50 4.00% 5.00% 4 6
50/100 3.50% 4.50% 3 4
100/200 3% 4.50% 2.25 3
200/400 3% 3.50% 1.5 2
200/400 2.50% 3.00% 1.5 2
200/400 2.50% 3.00% 1.5 2

* Rake is inclusive of GST

Tournament Table

"Upto 10% (Inclusive of GST) of Buy-In amount for the tournament. Checkthe details while registering for the tournament."

Casual Games

The service charge for skill based games (all games other than Poker, Rummy, Fantasy) ranges from 5% to 20% based on the type of game, tables available, and prize given.


  • What are the casual games available?
  • Casual games that are available in Gamezy are Super Ludo, Cricket, 8 Ball Pool, Carrom, Run Boy Run, 21 Streak, Bubble Burst, Fruit Slice, Sheep Fight, Snake, Bricks, Fruit Dart and Quiz. This list will keep improving as we aim to provide more games to give the best experience to our users.

  • What is Mission and How it Works & Benefits?
  • Missions are time-bound challenges on the Gamezy app. Upon completing these, you will be eligible for exciting rewards. The more missions you complete, the bigger your rewards will be.

  • What is a Leaderboard and How it Works & Benefits?
  • The leaderboard helps you identify what rank you currently hold and where you are likely to finish during a match. The leaderboard also provides you with information on the breakdown of your winnings.

  • What is the points system for cricket, kabaddi and football?
  • Players can refer to the points table for cricket, football and kabaddi by accessing the Gamezy website/application -> More -> Point System. Here, you will be provided with the whole breakdown of the point system that is used for the respective sports.

  • How to join the official Gamezy Telegram channel?
  • The Gamezy Telegram channel provides you with expert opinions, predictions and news from promotional activity in one place.

    To join the Telegram group, please use this link:

  • What games can I play on Gamezy?
  • Currently there are 15 available games live on the app which includes the three major games in Fantasy Cricket/Football, Rummy, Poker and Casual Games. Under Casual Games you will find: Cricket, Carrom, Fruit Slice, Fruit Dart, Sheep Fight, Ludo, Snake, Run Boy Run, Quiz, Bricks and Bubble Burst. All games are available to be tried for free practice and playable with real money against competitive real players.

  • Do people really win money on Gamezy?
  • If you have downloaded and installed the Gamezy full app, you can access all the games that are mentioned above and can play them in competitive circumstances with real money winnings available. You will have to play contests against real world opponents and beat them to win.

  • Is it legal to play fantasy and rummy games?
  • A person who is 18 or more years of age is eligible to use our services, however, if a person violates age restrictions, it's his/her sole responsibility to bear the legal actions that might follow. Users are required to understand that our Services are available only in India. We don't offer our services relating to fantasy sports in the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana. We don't offer our services relating to the game of rummy in the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland in India. The users temporarily located in, or visiting, jurisdictions where local laws prohibit them from connecting to the Website/app shall not use the Website/app during the time such restrictions exist. Please refer above to verify the states where the games offered on the Website/app are prohibited. It is the user's responsibility to verify such matters.

  • How do I win in Gamezy Fantasy?
  • There are a few key points you need to keep in mind when building your fantasy cricket XI.

    • Do careful research and analysis of the players involved..
    • Create your team well in advance. Do not wait till the last moment to build your side.
    • Choose your Captain and Vice-captain wisely because they score 2x and 1.5x points respectively compared to the other players.
    • Always pick as many all-rounders in your team, including wicket-keeping batters.
    • Select maximum players from the home team, as they are accustomed to the home conditions and can significantly impact.
  • How do I win in Gamezy Rummy?
  • There are several steps before you can win in a game of Rummy, the simple version is:

    • All 13 of your cards should be arranged in proper sequences and sets
    • At least one pure sequence is required for a valid declaration
    • Select the card you want to remove and click on ‘Declare’ instead of Discard. You can also drag the card you want to declare to the centrally located DECLARE frame on the table in Gamezy Rummy.